Thursday, February 28, 2008

Social Media Theory and Niche Marketing Surveys

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Wednesday, February 13, 2008

HyperVideo Is On the Rise

Hypervideo, or hyperlinked video, is a displayed video stream that contains embedded, user clickable anchors, allowing navigation between video and other hypermedia elements. Think hypertext, which allows a reader to click on a word in one document and retrieve information from another place.

Devising a business model to monetize video is a tough nut to crack. The application of traditional advertising methods - for example introducing ads into video - is likely to be rejected by the online community, while revenue from selling advertising on video sharing sites has so far not been promising. Hypervideo offers an alternate way to monetize video, allowing for the possibility of creating video clips where objects link to advertising or e-commerce sites, or provide more information about particular products. This new model of advertising is less intrusive, only displaying advertising information when the user makes the choice by clicking on an object in a video. And since it is the user who has requested the product information, this type of advertising is better targeted and likely to be more effective.

HYPERVIDEO: Adding Links in Quicktime

Adrian Miles and Andeas often talk about "Hypervideo".
See, they arent too impressed with just posting video to a blog.
Though we're empowering people to tell their own stories, basically we're just doing TV on the computer.

Hypervideo is not really in mainstream market existence yet.
It's what video will look like when it uses the hyperlink nature of the web.
So I asked them what this video will look like...
and Adrian made this VIDEO.
You can see how he put clickable links INSIDE the video.

When i asked how he did this...Andreas whipped up a tool that inserts the links right in the video. | Adding Links in Quicktime.

Its a cool hack.

Below are leading hypervideo monetization solutions for the creation of interactive clickable videos for internet and mobile devices.