Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Cooperative Win-Win Game Theory

What the Heck Is Game Theory and Who Cares?

The Prophet Motive® Game Theory
Much of society views video games as violent, childish, addictive, without redeeming merit or just trashy. There is a new paradigm growing that online games have positive aspects such as creativity, community, self esteem, and cooperative collaboration. There is much more to game theories than the common "zero sum game" where somebody wins and somebody loses.

There exists a new range of experience emerging for online gamers. A unique example of the new generation of games is with videos reproduced as MMOGs. One such movie is "The Prophet Motive®".

"The Prophet Motive®" Game objective is to teach game theoretic principles by example in order to convey the concepts in a non-technical way. "The Prophet Motive®" Game theoretic principles are the same across a wide field of applications, yet gamers typically find examples in their own fields easier to relate to.

"The Prophet Motive®" Game focuses on providing a true interdisciplinary perspective that draws upon applications from many different areas of study such as management, strategic planning, competitive intelligence, military operations, economics, political science, finance, And NOW the emerging spiritual growth and development component.

"The Prophet Motive®" Game theory is a very theoretical discipline, but in the last years many attemps have been made to bring this piece of knowledge to the Study of the Bible. The challenge for practitioners is to find models that reflect reality while keeping study simple enough.

Otto Hess illustrates mankinds commonly accepted attempt to "simplify" game theory. I find this approach infuriatingly reductionist. I prefer the XFire brand of simplification, but here is Otto's take on game theory.

"You treat world history as a mathematician does mathematics, in which nothing but laws and formulae exist, no reality, no good and evil, no time, no yesterday, no tomorrow, nothing but an eternal shallow, mathematical present." Otto Hess

The two main branches of game theory are cooperative and noncooperative game theory. Noncooperative game theory deals largely with how intelligent individuals interact with one another in an effort to achieve their own goals.

Co-Opetition: An Innovative Mindset That Combines Competition and Cooperation : "The Prophet Motive®" Game Theory Strategy challenges and transforms conventional Business models of Bible Study Products consumption through CoOpitalism i.e. cooperative distribution.

Losing and winning are two extremes by which businesses are often measured. "The Prophet Motive®" Game Theory argues that most businesses and their transactions lie somewhere between the two poles. The liberating message is that your competitor does not have to fail for you to win. Win Win? You don't have to fail either. Your failure, in fact, can hurt your competitor. i.e. Imagine Islam, Judaism, and Christianity practicing Perfect Information Theory without Zero Sum Game Theory intrusion.

"The Prophet Motive®" Game Theory says it is better to have both cooperation and competition. Game theory requires drawing a representation of one's customers, suppliers, competitors, and complementers. In this strategy of business as a game, the rules, players, tactics, and scope can be changed to the individual's advantage by Combining Competition and Cooperation : "The Prophet Motive®" Game Theory Strategy challenges and transforms the Business model of Bible Study Product consumption.

"The Prophet Motive®" Game Theory is continually investigating new models to explain organizational behavior. Traditionally, competition has often been a component of those models, but now "The Prophet Motive" Game is looking at other behaviors and using theories from other fields of study.

"The Prophet Motive®" MMOG Movie asks the question "Is Competition Dead?" "The Profit Motive®" Game model is based on natural ecosystems that emphasizes symbiotic, cooperative relationships.

Game Theory strategy in today's global environment must combine competition and cooperation. And that is why "The Profit Motive®" Game Theory is built upon a questionaire survey.

Bill Whetstone

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